A photo series with Partha Vaidya. Installment #1.
Photos by Partha. Haiku captions by Jeevika.



Remember past lives.
I need this door to stay a door
a little longer.

Minds serve to migrate.
If I cycle through the cracks
long enough they will 

solidify so.
Even softness wants to trust
that this roof will hold. 



I am everywhere.
Color my streets with unused
signs. I am nowhere. 

Stop to join me where
to see means nothing real, but
coming together, 

your home built with mine.
Remembering our right to
leave, stay, pray for us.



Ma, I don't feel right.
This is safe, soiled metal
disguised as home.

But I like that I
turn to them seeming solid,
and with open arms.

Seeming so lightweight
that we could dance a Matisse
dance, and never land.